Hallicrafters SX-130
Restoration Page

This SX-130 was complete, though very dirty and dusty from being stored for many years in a shed.
The chassis was removed from the cabinet, all incorrect knobs were taken off the shafts and the front panel separated from the chassis.
Tubes (all original Hallicrafters!) were pulled, carefully cleaned and checked with a Precision tube tester.

The dials, glass and front panel were cleaned and detailed.
The S meter plastic cover and front panel paint was polished.

The chassis was carefully cleaned and polished and all components checked for damage.
All controls and switches were cleaned and lubricated with a good electronics tuner/cleaner.
Tuning capacitors shafts and all moving parts were lubricated, as necessary.

The metal cabinet paint was cleaned and polished and the receiver reassembled.
The previous owner had a wide variety of mismatched knobs on the Hallicrafters.
I used Hallicrafters knobs that I had in stock. They match nicely and look good on the radio, even if they aren't original.
Also, there was an extra tuning capacitor added to this set in its past. The knob can be seen on the upper left of the front panel.
I decided to leave this in place, since it did not detract from the functionality of the receiver, and I did not want to try to fill the hole that would be left in the panel.

This communications receiver does not have a built in speaker and requires an external one.
I found this small speaker at a thrift store. It was part of a surround sound system.
It has quality sound and matches the radio very nicely!

Most of the capacitors in this Hallicrafters are ceramic disc,
but I decided to slowly bring up voltage using a Variac over a period of several hours.
Using a simple long wire antenna in my basement, reception on all bands was very strong and all functions worked perfectly.

A nice Hallicrafters SX-130 receiver with the original operating and instruction manual...