Magic Maid
Restoration Page

When found, this vintage Magic Maid mixer was surprisingly complete, with much of the original green paint intact.
In fact the only damage, besides the wear and tear one would expect from an 80 year old kitchen appliance, 
was a missing external Bakelite motor brush cap.

To remove years of grease, cake mix and who knows what else, complete disassembly was necessary.
All parts were carefully cleaned and stored for later assembly.

The motor was also disassembled and cleaned of all the old grease and lubed with a high quality lithium grease.

In the above photo, you can see where the missing Bakelite cap should be on the side of the motor.
As no replacement was available, a black hard plastic cap was cut down and glued to the brass motor brush nut.
This worked perfectly and it is nearly impossible to tell the difference from the original on the other side of the motor housing.

The rubber feet on the cast metal base had all but disintegrated. 
The base was carefully cleaned and replacement rubber bumpers were glued in place of the old ones.

The 3 speed motor switch contacts were cleaned and the motor lubed and reassembled.
The original Magic Maid metal label was cleaned and detailed, as well.
End result....
A very nice, 1930's Magic Maid Model B Mixer to use or display.

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