Sartorius Assay Scale

Manufactured in the 1870's by F. Sartorius, Germany, 
this vintage short beam assay scale was in very bad condition when found.

The back corner of the wood frame looked like it had been in a fire, the door weights cords were broken,
and all the metal parts were thoroughly oxidized with a thick layer of concretions.

The brass beam and steel fittings were intact, but in very rough condition, as well.

The scale was totally disassembled for careful cleaning and repair.
I decided to retain as much of the patina as possible, as I did not want the scale to look new.

After very careful cleaning of the marble base and all metal parts,
the scale was reassembled.
At this point, all necessary adjustments were made to the balance.

The wood frame was cleaned, the glass (new and original) installed, and the frame reattached to the base.
The damaged back corner was left as is.
It is part of the history of this piece.

End result... a nice vintage assay scale!


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