Tasco Telescope
Restoration Page

The Tasco as found...doesn't look too bad...

Complete disassembly of the telescope was necessary to determine the overall condition
The equatorial head was rebuilt...old grease removed, parts painted glossy black and a missing pointer cut out from thin brass stock.
 Before and after photos...


Green felt cut and glued for the tube cradle.


The damaged focuser was rebuilt, and the mount and additional parts also painted black.

The wood tripod legs were cleaned and stained.

The wood carry case was also cleaned and treated with a beeswax/orange oil product made by Big Sur.

The tubes were sanded and painted a semi-gloss white.
I was tempted to go with a different color for the tubes, but decided against it and went with classic white.

Included with the telescope...
Tasco 'Reach Into Worlds Beyond' manual (and additional vintage astronomy material), erecting prism, dust cap,
3 eyepieces (H20MM, H12.5MM, SR4MM), 2X barlow lens & sun projection screen.
These items were carefully cleaned and detailed.
Unfortunately, the original diagonal prism is missing the eyepiece tube and will need to be replaced.

End result is a nice classic Tasco refractor with quality Japanese made optics!