Steamer Trunk
Restoration Page

This vintage trunk was complete, but in reasonabl
y rough condition.

The exterior was thorougly cleaned with mineral spirits and loose stamped metal medallions removed.


The decorative paper lining was in bad shape.
 Using a spray bottle, the lining was wet with warm water
and allowed to soak for 30 minutes.
A small putty knife (and a lot of patience and tedious work!) and the lining was carefully removed.


The interior was allowed to dry overnight and then coated with a clear varnish.
I like the look of the finished bare wood!


The damaged leather handles were replaced using a belt cut to size.


The tray was missing, so one was made using white pine. It was also varnished to match the interior.


The exterior was brightened using a beeswax & lemon oil product.
End result is a very nice, usable steamer trunk!